There is already a huge information available on the internet.  Then why this blog too?  After searching for the answer with great difficulty, I must say that there is no perfect answer.   Internet is just a set of links to point other links and information.  This blog is no exception.  This blog may appear as a digest of a few other blogs / tutorials / etc.  This blog would be useful for those who has same level of learning interests as mine.

I’d already crossed 5 years of experience in IT before starting this blog. I had come across many blogs (technical/non-technical). But the key inspiration to start this blog has come from one of my dear friends.

I am not a native English speaker. So, expect mistakes in the usage of English language.

This blog should at least remain as a notebook of my learning so that I can show-case this to others and I can refer for myself whenever I would require.

Parthiban Nagarajan from Coimbatore, India.


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